Vintage Record Player Turned Bar Cart

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

I’m so excited to finally share the transformation of this vintage record player turned bar cart! If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, I’ve shared snippets of its progress off and on.

I found this old record player stashed away in a dark corner of the basement of the house I’m currently flipping and knew immediately I wanted it restored. Although at the time it was super dingy, I knew after a little TLC (and a lot of woodworking!) it could become my new staple entertaining piece that I’d keep for generations to come.

All I know about the record player is from its label “Stradivara, Known For Tone.” Although I have seen some players from the same name around the internet, I have YET to find this exact one and I have no idea what date it could be from… My estimate is at least around 1920s-1950s. If anyone has that information though, please let me know!! I’d love to find out more about its origin.

Let’s take a look at this record player in all of its original glory:

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

Pretty great right? Thankfully, I had the help of the ladies at Wasted to help with this transformation. Dawn and Jess, the duo behind Wasted, believe that just about everything can be recycled, re-purposed and re-loved, so I knew they were the perfect team to help me out with this project. Here’s the low down on what was fixed to turn this vintage record player into the bar cart I dreamed of:

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

• I had two first thoughts- where to keep the bottles of liquor and where to stash the wine. Thankfully, this piece is huge and there was enough space to have two separate locations to keep different types of alcohol. I envisioned the liquor bottles going on the top-middle space of the cart, along with other trinkets. To achieve this, Dawn and Jess removed the top door and record player piece (I did keep the top door though just in case- which was also painted black.) The wine storage was a lot trickier but thankfully, it could be done. The girls replaced the slanted pieces in the center with custom-built wine holders, perfect for 12 bottles of wine.

• My next thought was additional storage for glassware. Dawn and Jess added shelving on both sides of the cart behind the doors.

• Black and gold will forever be my favorite colors and match my home decor perfectly, so detailing the bar cart in these colors were a no brainer. The girls painted the cart black and added gold to the feet and hardware of the cart.

• Additional woodwork: where there were once two big empty circle spaces now is additional space on top of the cart for trinkets, drinks and bottle storage.

• Elements I kept: Although this cart underwent a big transformation, I wanted to keep a few elements of it’s former self. Keeping the “Stradivara- Known For Tone” label was important, as well as the old record player handle on the right side.

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

I am SO SO pleased with the turn out of this bar cart. I still can’t believe it started out as a vintage record player collecting dust in a dark and dingy basement. I really couldn’t have done it without Dawn and Jess at Wasted– be sure to check out their other work  and send them some love!

I can’t wait to continue filling up this cart! As you can see, I still have eight more spaces left for wine and I need to add liquor bottles to the top. Since it’s currently in Iowa at my mom’s apartment though, I’ll wait to do that until I get it in my own home back in New York.

Are there any pieces that you’ve restored currently in use in your home?

ALSO- I ALWAYS ALWAYS make an effort to spell check my posts but I can’t believe that I forgot to cross my ‘T’ on my “Life Is Beautiful” water color sketch… So, here’s to hoping no one notices!! I’m hoping you’re all so entranced by my bar cart transformation that you didn’t notice the written typo! Guess it’s time for a glass of wine.

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

This amazing before and after bar cart transformation is one to remember!

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  • Oh this looks fantastic! What a great ide and it turned out so perfect.

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks Maru! I’m so so happy with the result!

  • Wow!! This is amazing Cassandra!! I’m sooo impressed with it! I love this as a bar station too– so big and has everything you need! Great job!! 🙂

    • cassandramonroe

      Bar Station is right! There’s so much storage! Thank you for reading Sarah!

  • That is such a great DIY!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    • cassandramonroe

      It is! I hope this encourages others to find some old treasures at their local garage sales or flea markets and give them a remodel!

  • Wow, that looks great. Amazing job!

    • cassandramonroe

      Thank you! I love it.

  • This is amazing!!! I love that you took time to work on this, truly a labor of love and just looks so gorgeous. Great job!
    Lattes and Lavender

    • cassandramonroe

      Thank you! I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of Dawn and Jess! I love how it turned out. Thanks for reading!

  • ayesha

    This is so awesome! I love your blog and Instagram!

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks Ayesha! Make sure to say hello so I can add you!

  • Oh wow!! This turned out amazing!! Nice work 🙂

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks Aisha!

  • They did such an amazing job!!! I love seeing how cool things can turn out when they are restored.

    • cassandramonroe

      Yes! The girls truly brought my vision to life.. it makes me want to pick up restoring once I get a house!

  • Aly

    This is so cute! My husband and I just bought a large record player from an estate sale and are pondering turning half of it (where there is currently an 8-track player) into a bar cart/cabinet. Your’s came out beautifully!

    P.S. Found you via your Whole Wheat Berry Muffins post on Blogger Collective – those look delicious! 🙂

    • cassandramonroe

      It’s soooo worth it! Think of how much storage you’ll have! And it would be quite the statement piece and conversation starter 🙂 Thanks for reading, Aly!

  • Ahh Cassandra this is beautiful, could you make me one?

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  • BlkJeansandDiamonds

    You have a great eye for how to repurpose items, and you seem to care about typographical errors. I hope you’ll accept one criticism in return for the two compliments: There are some extra apostrophes in your text on this page. It’s always means it is. Auto-correct may be the culprit here, but a quick glance can tell you if you mean its or it’s.

    • cassandramonroe

      You’re so right! Thank you for the criticism, an extra set of eyes and your kind words!