and so, that’s the thing about schedules

These last two months have been filled with unexpected life occurrences; I’m very Type-A and I had a solid plan for taking on the new year by storm. This, of course, included blogging more consistently, rocking my school courses ( yeah, I went back to school- more on that in another blog post because that’s a subject of it’s own ) and just getting a better grip on life in general.

Then something happened- nothing went according to plan at all. ( I won’t go through each and every detail, but I think the biggest thing that effected me was that I had to make an unexpected repair on my car. Since I live in the midwest now, you HAVE to have a car to get around so this had put me in a pickle for a week. ) During the time, I was really irritated when things didn’t go to plan. I questioned my friends and family on things they had no answers to ( ‘Why is this happening to me guys? I feel like the universe is just shitting on me!’ – which, I should add- sorry guys. I owe you. ) I genuinely felt like the world was against me, EVEN THOUGH some really really awesome things were happening in my life ( that I’m extremely thankful for. )

And so, that’s the thing that I’m realizing about schedules and plans- you can lay out your life to every last detail and call yourself a #girlboss for nailing that to-do list, but sometimes, life throws you lemons and you just have to deal with it ( or make a delicious lemon-variation of a g+t. ) What I’m trying to say ( read: what I’ve been telling myself these last few weeks months ) is that it’s okay and it’s going to be okay. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the shitty things that are happening but you just have to breathe and go through it like the #girlboss that you are ( and remember to be thankful for the good that is happening in your life, even if you don’t see it at the time. )

Afternoon Snack

morning coffee and light reading


Although I do photograph portraits, weddings and maternity/newborns, I actually am in love with photographing editorial work. I’m really working on building up/revamping my portfolio and I’ve been experimenting with food and product styling and getting better at it. I want to specialize in photographing interiors and home tours as well. I was so excited and happy when Kristin from Bliss at Home reached out to me to photograph her living room and some specific products for the Taylor Burke Home Style It Challenge for One Kings Lane. That was so exciting and I really loved connected with Kristin in her lovely home. We’ll be working together again on another project in March and I’m really looking forward to it.

Stylish Living Room TourLiving Room Home Tour

One of my goals, along with blogging more consistently, was to feature local businesses and restaurants in the Des Moines metro area and start building a city tour. There are so many great places here in Des Moines and I’m really happy that I moved here. Right now, I’m working on a feature of Exile Brewery, and I’m hoping to have that posted soon. The folks at Exile were so sweet to host me- I genuinely enjoy the food, beers and atmosphere there, so I really can’t wait to post this feature.

Exile Brewery Des Moines Iowa 002Exile Brewery Des Moines Iowa

I really like how much grungier and industrial my images from Exile came out. I normally stick to clean edits but I enjoyed experimenting with different editing techniques.

food + drink

I mentioned on Instagram a while back that I’m trying to get back to doing more recipes for this blog. I made these delicious orange zest cinnamon rolls and I’ll be posting them soon for those who wanted the recipe! I really like how my images came out for these.

orange zest cinnamon rollsOrange Zest Cinnamon Rolls

The gals at Beefeater Gin were so sweet to surprise me with a gifted gin+tonic set for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to share their g+t recipe with you, just incase you’re in need of a stiff one like I was in the earlier moments described above.

Beefeater Gin and TonicBeefeater Gin and Tonic recipe

As always, thanks for reading. I usually update my Instagram a lot more during my blogging ‘dry spells,’ so be sure to add me there and say hello!
What are some kind words you tell yourself when nothing goes according to plan? 

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  • First off, I was so happy to see a post from you! Second, that drink sounds so refreshing. I haven’t had gin in so long…not sure why I stopped 😉 And lastly, I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about “having it all” and “doing it all” and I just don’t think it’s possible. Something always has to give (at least, for me) in my life and it’s so much easier to focus on what matters day-to-day when you come to that realization. p/s the photo of the strawberries is top notch. I’ve loved seeing your photography evolve and grow!

    26 and Not Counting

  • Adriana Todd

    Girl! These photographs are beautiful! I’ve also started trying to photograph interiors. It’s a beast of it’s own. It just makes me want to buy cute home stuff! Thanks for sharing this. Here’s to Type-A people pushing through 🙂

  • Kim Lorang

    I loved this post! I have to say, my brakes suddenly started making that dreadful grinding/swooshing noise last night, and it was such a buzz kill. I know car repairs are important, but they’re so annoying (I’d much rather buy a Kate Spade bag than buy new brakes-where’s the fun in that?!). I’m in the midwest as well, in Chicago 🙂

    Your words of wisdom were a great thing to read this morning!

    These photos are lovely, and I so want to live in the house you photographed- love that style!

  • Katie Fischer

    I love everything about this. May I ask what camera you use? Your photos are stunning. I’m over here drinking in all these gorgeous images.