September Inspiration

September Inspiration

I can’t believe it’s already September (the fourth to be exact!) Yes, it sounds cliche that I just can’t believe it but it’s so true. While most might be mourning the slow end of summer, I am SO embracing it! Bring on the cool breezes, sweater weather, the comfort food get-togethers, the beginning of the seasonal color change and (you know I have to say it) pumpkin spice.

I love the feeling of that first breezy day when you KNOW it’s time to pack your summer clothes away. September also feels like the unofficial start of the year- I think because we’ve all been in school for most of our life. Although I won’t be starting school again until January, I do feel like September is the first month of my new beginning too. I can’t wait to share my new digs with you (I’m beyond excited. Although Iowa is a lot different than living in New York -I’m still a little sad about leaving- I think the quietness of this place will get me back on the track of life. Plus, the cost of living is insanely cheaper, so that’s awesome.)

I have SO many things planned for the remainder of 2015 and I’m excited to get the ball rolling. Here are some of my goals for the month (and some September inspiration) :

Life Goals for September

Life Goals • //
• Like I said, I’m moving into my new place at the end of October. For now, I’m staying at my mom’s house until we all go our separate ways (my mom and brother are moving back to Canada!) So in between now and then, we’re beginning to pack our belongings and finishing up last minute stuff with the flip house (The Domino & Minted feature is coming soon, I promise!) So one of my biggest goals right now is packing everything I don’t use so when the time comes to moving, it’s easy breezy.
• I’m incorporating yoga back into my life and I’m loving every minute of it. It IS National Yoga Month! Yoga helps remind me to take a moment out of my day to just breathe and get in touch with my soul and body. Do I sound like a hippie yet? I instantly feel refreshed and ready to take on the day (or if it’s a night yoga class, it helps me wind down.) For September, I’d really like to get into a habit of doing either yoga or stretching every day. That seems pretty attainable, plus I think my body will thank me for it.
• I’m easing back into doing Whole 30, which I think will be easier once I get settled in my new place. This is totally not an excuse by the way! I don’t know about you, but I just feel like it’s easier for me to start or continue a ‘lifestyle change’ when you’re already settled in life- which I currently, am not. Not an excuse, I swear!
• This month, I’ve been getting all my yearly checkups done. While I was in the military, I was so used to having 6 month checkups and flu shots, that I didn’t even worry about doing it in the civilian world. Now that I’m out, it’s important for me to remember to get all my ducks in a row medically/physically. Stay healthy and in touch with your body!

• I know I keep mentioning that I’m getting a new apartment (hopefully you aren’t sick of it because I’m really excited!) and I’m currently in search of a headboard/bed combo. I wanted to share some of the ones that have caught my eye:

So the thing about my style is that I’m constantly torn in between my total love of neutrals and bright colors/bold prints. As far as neutrals go, I love the classically neutral Anny Nail-Button and Alina queen headboards, both from One Kings Lane (and on sale!) However, I’m so digging the emerald green and yellow headboards as well. Also, seriously a striped headboard? I’m in love. Which to pick!?

Work Goals for September

Work Goals • //
Okay, work. I have a lot of goals going on here too.
• Things are going great over at The Everygirl! I love that I’m able to solely concentrate on writing about food there, which allows me to be more about lifestyle here. Be on the lookout for some awesome contributors coming up, as well as more of my articles.
• I’m so thankful to have made so many friends in the photography industry. I’m really excited to be collaborating with a close friend from my hometown (who recently launched her own photography business!) on some crazy awesome styled shoots. The one we’re working on right now is going to be so cool- I can’t wait to bring it to life and show you all the results!
• I’ve got plenty of housekeeping goals to keep me busy this month- I want to tackle and organize my email inbox and calendars, back up and update all of my devices, and organize my external photography hard drive.
Improving my writing and photography is seriously always on my list- I’m always trying to think of ways to improve. This is something I’d like to really work on this month as well. I want to steadily start shooting every day because right now I’m not where I want to be with photography. Now that the flip house is done though, I’m able to put photography first.
• Have you ever heard of building an archive of posts? This is also something I’m working on. Some people frown upon building and scheduling an archive of posts because they don’t think it’s as ‘in the moment.’ For me, I think it’s a great idea! I think building an archive of posts will allow me to be more organized with my editorial calendar, and will allow me to have a life as well. As long as there are some ‘real life’ posts sprinkled in, I see no problem with it! How do you feel?

Fashion Goals for September

Wear • //
I love September because it’s the perfect time to start transitioning to fall wear (although it’s super hot in Iowa right now.) Right now, I’m feeling inspired by comfy-chic outfits like the ones pictured above. I have NO shame in saying that I’m a total oversized sweater and leggings kind of girl, and I feel like these Nike sneaks would fit that look perfectly. I’m also obsessed with this Stella McCartney Draped Blanket coat-I’m really reaching for the stars there!! These ponchos from LOFT and Faribault Woolen Mills are a good compromise though, for those of you living on a real-girl’s budget.

One more thing- I’ve always been obsessed with Sorel (I own and love their Joan of Arctic wedge booties) but I love the look of the Major Carly boots. The hardware almost reminds me of my army boots, a look that I love. Now these boots are geared more for late October through February, but I thought I’d link them anyways because these will sell out FAST once it starts getting cold.

So tell me, what are some of your life and work goals for September?
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  • You’re motivating me to get my shit together! This summer was…weird. I slacked off in pretty much all areas of my life, but I’m so ready for the start of a new season and getting back to the grind so that I can make growth happen. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend, girlfriend! 🙂

    • cassandramonroe

      Girl, I am in a perpetual state of getting my shit together! And as soon as I feel like I’ve tackled my to-do list, more gets added on! I feel you 100%. Hope you had a great weekend!