Quail Egg, Gruyère and Avocado Toast

If you didn’t already know, I really love avocado toast. It’s such a savory, simple breakfast (I’ve even had it for dinner before) that tastes great. My usual go-to combo: thick, country bread with a schmear of ripe avocado, a fried egg, salt, pepper and hot sauce.

My full time job as a shopper and food stylist assistant allows me to explore different markets across the Des Moines area. This has helped me out immensely because I now know what markets carry the best produce, which markets are known for their quality cuts of meat and seafood, or, in this case, where to find quail eggs.

I first had the idea of using quail eggs because I came across a beautiful image of them on Pinterest after researching inspiration for food photography. I loved the detailing in these quail eggs- from their colors, speckled dots and marbling. I knew I had spotted some quail eggs at Gateway Market on one of my shopping runs for work and knew they’d be perfect to photograph and to cook with, so I was off to purchase them during my weekend off.



I had never tried quail eggs before; to me, quail eggs taste pretty much the same as regular chicken eggs- despite being smaller. If you don’t have access to quail eggs (or just don’t want to use them) using regular chicken eggs is fine.



The Gruyère cheese adds an assertive, earthy taste, which pairs nicely with the other flavors loaded on this toast. Whether you make this Quail Egg, Gruyère and Avocado Toast before work or while you’re lounging around your home on a slow Sunday morning, it’s bound to become your next go-to breakfast.

Quail Egg, Gruyère, and Avocado Toast
makes one slice • recipe adapted from It’s All Easy

2 slices bacon
1 cup freshly grated Gruyère cheese
2 quail eggs
1 slice thick gourmet bread (I use sourdough and Italian bread)
1 cup arugula 
1 ripened avocado
salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Arrange bacon in large, nonstick sauté pan, set on medium-high. Cook bacon to desired level of crispiness. Transfer to paper-towel layered plate.
2. Wipe out bacon fat from pan. Maintaining the medium-high heat, make two nests, side by side, of Gruyère cheese, leaving a dimple or hole in the center for the egg.
3. Crack the quail eggs into each nest and season with salt and pepper. Fry until the egg whites are set and the yolk is runny (if you desire a more cooked yolk, cover the pan.)
4. While eggs fry, toast the bread it a toaster. Once toasted, spread ripe avocado on the toast (I used a fork to create a layer of avocado.) Layer the toast with arugula and bacon. Top with fried quail eggs and Gruyère cheese. Add more salt and pepper to taste if needed.

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  • So fancy! Love the teeny quail eggs- eggs and toast are my breakfast favorites.

  • Zoë Crook

    this is making me so hungry and the photos are amazing!

  • Yummm! That looks so amazing!

  • Yum! I just made these and they’re really good! Thanks for the quick and easy recipe!