Farmers Market Fresh Omelet featured
Farmer’s Market Fresh Tomato and Onion Omelet

Visiting the Downtown Des Moines Farmer’s Market has been on my to do list for over a month, and this last Saturday, I finally had the chance to go! What I love the most about farmer’s markets is meeting the people behind the stands and produce- you’re really able to see that you’re helping support a small business and local farmers by

life lately featured
Life Lately

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram lately, you may have noticed that there’s been a LOT going on- all in a good way of course! Looking back on the last chance I had to blog, (June 1st!!!) I can only think of one word to describe life lately: busy. Okay, sometimes I cringe when I use that word- I promise,

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Passion, a personal essay

So, I originally started writing this as a status on my personal Facebook account to my personal friends, but then I kept writing, and writing and writing. I decided to publish it as a blog post just in case my story helps anyone else who is searching for their passion or struggling to identify theirs. I apologize if the structure is