See what I bought with my West Elm gift card!


A couple weeks ago, I was on a flight heading to Des Moines, Iowa to visit friends and attend a couple weddings. I logged into my email before taking off and read these magic words:

Hi Cassandra, Congratulations! You are dwellinggawker’s Follow & Win Contest winner for the $500 West Elm gift card!”

I literally was so over joyed, I even told the flight attendant! I’m already a huge fan of West Elm and now I was getting a gift card to one of my favorite stores!? I think the last time I won something was in 5th grade- I won the chance to take the class guinea pig home for a week. I immediately logged onto West Elm and started looking through each category, carefully deciding which items I wanted.


My apartment has enough furniture (I AM in need of a bar cart though,) so now I’m in the decor stages of outfitting my space. I sat on my shopping cart for about a week, then finally got to buying.


Since I do a lot of recipes on this blog, I wanted to invest in getting a few styling props for my food photography. I bought a set of gold utensil place setting, this white coriander, and a set of gold detailed glassware (which will also be used for my future bar cart and entertaining.)


See how I spent my West Elm gift card!

I also bought a gold wooden tray, essential for living room coffee table decor (although for photo purposes I used it as a bedroom jewelry and beauty display.)

See how I spent my West Elm gift card!

There are a couple of other items I ordered that aren’t pictured- they should be arriving in the mail shortly!! Jay and I are in need of a new comforter for our bed so I bought this set with matching shams. As I continue to build up the decor in our apartment, wall art is a next to do on my list. I ordered two of these 4ft long shelves to be hung above our longer couch. I can’t wait to fill these shelves with art prints!

So, the moral of this post- all those contests you see on blogger’s websites and Pinterest- enter them!! You never know if you might win!

I am so thankful for DwellingGawker‘s contest!


    • cassandramonroe says

      Thanks! Yes, I think it will be a piece that I’ll constantly be switching from my living room to my bedroom vanity area!

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