Mother’s Day



Although I’m not a mother yet (unless you’re counting fur babies!) I’m blessed to have known several women that have made a huge impact on who I am today. These women have shown me qualities that I’m hoping to instill when I enter motherhood. So when ProFlowers approached me to help celebrate every mom, I knew I wanted to send these special ladies a token of my appreciation.

My Mother's Day

First of all, to my own mother, Suzanne. I’m not exactly sure how my words can make up for the last 26 years of my life, but just know you have impacted me heavily and I see so much of you in myself! We joke all the time that we’re the exact carbon copies of each other, down to our personalities and even our temperament, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve always shown compassion, reassurance, and patience and have always been extremely helpful in whatever situation arose. You have no idea how much I have leaned on you when and since dad passed away- throughout grieving, acceptance and moving on to helping me immensely with flipping the home, I honestly could not have done it without your physical help or your mental reassurance (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve sat down and unloaded my stress on you and asked you if I was doing the right thing, I think we would be millionaires!) I admire your dreams and your will to push through to get to your goals in life and I am proud to call you my mother.


To Kristina, my lovely battle buddy- I honestly think us being roommates while deployed to Iraq was the best thing to ever happen. Not only did it really solidify and grow our friendship, it also showed me what true friendship is. Often times throughout life, you have to take a moment to reevaluate your friendships and ask yourself honestly if your friends are truly your friends and not simply more than acquaintances- but I’ve never had to do that with you at all. Although we were once roommates and in the same unit, we’ve been separated by many states now for a few years, but our friendship has never wavered. Life happens and months could go by without talking but we always pick up right where we left off. One of my many favorite memories of you is always coming to visit you in your office whenever I was having writer’s block (or I just wanted to socialize) and going through care package after care package looking for snacks (and the many notes you left on my door while I was on leave!)  You always have a smile on your face even if you’re going through something difficult and your strength and determination is admirable. Baby Faylinn is adorable and congrats on your second budding bun in your oven! Can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl.

My Mother's Day

To Lasima (which is so weird for me to call you by your name-even though we’re way past military structure nowadays, I still call you Packett!) You are literally one of the strongest women I know. You have faced adversity numerous times but have always persevered with strength and the ability to keep going even when it’s hard. You’ve really shown me what it looks like to put your all into your work and family, doing the right thing when no one’s watching and always putting quality over quantity in whatever task you handle. Even when you’re swamped at work, you always make time to put your family first and you’re always making an activity family-related. You’ve taught me when it’s time to say no to things and to stand up for what is personally right for me and what I believe in. It was such a pleasure serving with you and I’m so happy that you’re a part of Jay and I’s lives, even from across states! I hope to reflect what you’ve taught me both in my work and family structure.

How have the mothers in your lives impacted who you are today?

*Thanks to ProFlowers for sending myself and these lovely ladies these beautiful bouquets*

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  • Suzanne monroe

    Cassandra i just readyour blog and let me just say that everyday i wake up and wonder what else exciting happened in your life. Being your mother has been the best thing because you were such an easy and happy child to take care of. And as you come into your womanhood i can see the strenght of both of your grandmother in you also. You know that i always will be there for you and that i love you from here to the moon.

    • cassandramonroe

      Love you Momma!

  • kristina

    Love you so much girl and our friendship will live on forever and ever. I wish I could see you every day still but even though I can’t we always will have the bond as if we’d never left ones side. Thank you for caring as much for me as I do you. You’re an amazing women!

    • cassandramonroe

      You’re an amazing friend and mother! 🙂