#MonroeFamilyFlip Before and After ( + a Minted giveaway!)

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you know all about #MonroeFamilyFlip– but if you don’t, I’ll take a moment to explain. After inheriting a home last summer, my mother, brother and I decided that the home needed a major update. Thankfully, the home was in great shape structurally, so all of our updates were strictly cosmetic and updating the plumbing and electrical work.

We’ve been working on this home for about year and it’s been SUCH a journey. There have been many ups and downs and exciting moments (and quite a few breakdowns in between) but overall, flipping this home has been such a learning experience for all of us. I wrote more about my inspiration behind the home and what I learned over at Domino, where the home was featured!!

I really want to thank everyone who’s been following this journey since the beginning. You have no idea how much I appreciate everyone who’s commented, asked about the progress or given me a pat on the back with this huge project!!! I wanted to share a few more before and after photos of the home with you, and I wanted to give you guys a chance to enter an AWESOME giveaway- I’ve teamed up with Minted to do so!

Selecting the Right Prints for the Home:

When selecting the prints for the home, I wanted pieces that would tie the room together and give a sense of completion.

minted print

For the kitchen, seen above, it was important to me to transform the room into a light and airy space. Adding this large-format print (‘Sundown’ by Lindsay Megahed) really made a statement in the kitchen. The print worked perfectly with the light grey of the walls, and was able to blend in yet stand out all at once.

minted print bedroom

For one of the bedrooms, I wanted to create a gender neutral environment. Gender neutral designs are great (at least I think so) when sharing a space with someone of the opposite sex. These prints (‘Reaction‘ and ‘Embrace‘ both by R Studio) worked really well as a diptych above the headboard and were a great alternative to the empty space.

minted print office

There are three bedrooms in the home, and so I decided to outfit the smallest bedroom into an office. I wanted to create a work space with an inspiration board and mix industrial elements with rustic pieces. For the office space, I chose a smaller print, one that would feature a good message for a work environment. (‘Nice Work’ by Heather Francisco)

Kitchen Before and After:

This room is by far my favorite transformation. As you can see, the orange and brown color palette wasn’t doing ANY favors to the design of the kitchen. My thought process for the kitchen’s design was to open it up as much as possible using a color palette of white, light gray and brushed nickel/stainless steel hardware, fixtures and appliances. I wanted to incorporate a white subway tile backsplash to reflect light from the sliding door across the room, resulting in a brighter space.

First, we needed to remove the wallpaper. The dreadful wallpaper was really hard to get off since it had been there for such a long time. Once we removed all of the wallpaper, we realized that the walls matched the rest of the home- outdated bumpy plaster walls that actually created shadows, making the walls look dingy. This was actually the very first project we started with a contractor- replastering ALL of the interior walls, which was SO worth it.

#MonroeFamilyFlip kitchen before

After the walls in the kitchen were replastered, we started painting. I chose a light gray (‘Eco Gray’ by Pittsburgh Paints). Next, we cleaned, buffed and painted the cabinetry with a white paint made for cabinets. We decided to refinish the cabinetry instead of buying new cabinets to save money. Overall, I think they came out very well and I would recommend doing cabinets this way if you want to save costs.

#MonroeFamilyFlip kitchen before

#MonroeFamilyFlip kitchen after

#MonroeFamilyFlip kitchen after

kitchen after 2

Total Kitchen Renovations:
Removal of wallpaper, deep clean of the walls
• Replastered walls
• All new interior paint
• Refinished cabinetry
• Updated plumbing, lighting and electrical work
• New flooring and trim
• New fixtures, sink, hardware and countertop
• New stainless steel appliances

Living Room Before and After:

Before, the living room had the same bumpy plastered walls, and dark brown carpeting. In this before picture, we had one lamp on, which casted a yellowish glow, making the room look dark and dingy. The carpet under the entertainment center was a reflection is what remained after we started taking everything apart.

#MonroeFamilyFlip living room before and after

#MonroeFamilyFlip living room after

#MonroeFamilyFlip living room after

#MonroeFamilyFlip living room after

Now, the living room is bright and welcoming.

Total Living Room Renovations:
• Replastered Walls + interior paint
• New flooring and trim

 Bathroom Before and After:

My second favorite before and after of the renovation! The bathroom before was crowded, brown and dark, and needed some TLC. There was a mix of painted, unfinished and wallpapered textures on the walls, and the cabinetry before made the already small space even more crowded.

I knew that because this was the only bathroom in the house, I needed to be able to fit a shower, toilet and sink. The problem was that the bathroom was so small to begin with, so I wanted to open it up with a light color palette and take up as little space as possible. The subway tile shower (we added a clear glass shower door, not pictured) was the best option- it allowed light to reflect throughout the room and made such a beautiful statement.

#MonroeFamilyFlip bathroom before and after

Total Bathroom Renovations:
• Complete gut
• New custom tiled shower with clear glass shower door
• New tiled flooring
• New bathroom fixtures, sink and toilet
• Replastered walls and interior paint
• Updated plumbing and electrical
• Added ceiling vent to circulate air and prevent mold

Bedrooms Before and After:

All bedrooms looked the same- beige carpeting (in the before picture below, we had already ripped it out) bumpy plastered walls and just overall outdated looking.

#MonroeFamilyFlip bedroom before and after

Total Bedroom Renovations:
• New flooring and trim
• New replastered walls and interior paint
• New interior doors
• Updated lighting fixtures and electrical work

There were also a few other renovations we did to the home that aren’t pictured, mostly minor stuff like cleaning and repainting the basement, adding door knobs and other elements like that. You can read about we updated the curb appeal of the home here.

Minted Giveaway

Of course, there are simple ways to give you home or a room in your home an update. Besides painting, you could also choose beautiful prints that pair perfectly with your redesign.

I’ve partnered with Minted to give ONE lucky reader a $250 gift card!! Minted offers a range of items, from beautiful art work by independent artists all over the nation, to fabrics, stationary and party decor.

You can enter the giveaway using the widget below. By leaving a comment on this post, you are automatically entered into this giveaway, however, there’s more that one way to enter! You can enter more than once by following each of the entry’s instructions.

The giveaway ends at 11:59pm Monday, Oct. 5th. The winner will be announced Tuesday, Oct. 6th. I will contact the winner by email to get the ball rolling on receiving their prize! Good Luck!

* UPDATE: Congratulations to Lindsey Hightower on winning the giveaway!! *

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All prints (excluding the bar cart print) were courtesy of Minted. All opinions are my own.

Huge thank you to Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design from Iowa City, Iowa for staging the home!

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    LOVE it! I would love to spruce up my kitchen and bathrooms. They’re in major need of some TLC!!

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  • Lindsay A

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