#MonroeFamilyFlip: Bathroom Renovation Progress

If you’ve been following along my flipping journey, I’ve really been looking forward to posting this for a long time. (If you’re new, welcome! I’m flipping a house I inherited and this is my journey!) When I think back to just a month ago, there were some major changes in the house, but the bathroom still had not been started. Now I’m happy to report that we’re really almost done!

Besides the kitchen, I think the bathroom will be my favorite renovation of the house. I’m finally starting to see a difference in the bathroom progress! Here’s a couple before pictures of the bathroom:

Before Bathroom Transformation

The bathroom before needed major cleaning and due to the brown wooden vanity set, the mix-matched walls and the lighting, the color scheme of the bathroom was just severely outdated. In the picture on the right, we had actually taken out the shower sliding door, a matching wooden cabinet above the toilet and a wooden mirror medicine cabinet. We also had removed some of the tiling as well.

Right off the bat, I knew the bathroom was really small. It’s the only bathroom in the house (there is actually a second bathroom but it’s not finished yet so for now, there’s really only one bathroom) and I wanted to make it functional yet modern. I felt like my biggest mission was to make the small bathroom appear bigger and more spacious and although I really wanted to add a bathtub, I thought a fully tiled, stand up shower would really elevate this bathroom from dingy and outdated to modern and spectacular.

Another element I wanted to change up was the use of space. For example, think back to the absent medicine cabinet and storage cabinet above the toilet I had mentioned before. I’m sure the previous design was intended to add storage to the small bathroom but instead only achieved a crowded space. So another way I wanted to achieve more space is by using a pedestal sink instead of a vanity, having my contractor move the toilet a few inches and using open shelving and a flat mirror.

White Bathroom inspiration

White window trim: Before, the trim of the window in the shower was thin, so I definitely wanted to update the trim and make it thicker and bolder.

White subway tiles / black and white penny tiles: Like everyone else on Pinterest, I’m in love with the look of white subway tiles. Can you blame me? These tiles can make any space look so clean and classic. I knew I definitely wanted the subway tile shower and loved the way the black and white penny tile looked with them. I’m really happy with the design choice I made because the bathroom has taken on a modern yet classic style that I think the future owners of this house will love.

Medium grey grout: I didn’t want white because it would show soap scum more and I didn’t want black because I felt like that would be too much, so I picked a nice medium grey.

Clear glass shower doors: These glass doors a great way to maintain that openness in the bathroom and make it look more spacious than it is.

Other bathroom details: I went with a brushed nickel scheme for the sink and shower hardware, and we actually added a ventilation system to help air circulate through the small bathroom, preventing mold overgrowth and mildew.

Obviously we still need to add the toilet, sink , shelves, etc., but we were waiting on replastering, priming and painting the bathroom walls. Now that the walls have been done, the contractor will be adding all of those items as we speak! Here are some progress pictures of the bathroom throughout the whole journey so far:

Before Bathroom Transformation 2

Before Bathroom Transformation 3

Before Bathroom Transformation 4

This bathroom is SO close to becoming completed! I think it will be fully finished in just a couple weeks, and I can’t wait to share the final look!

Thank you for reading and following along on my #MonroeFamilyFlip: Bathroom Renovation Progress! Stay updated on my flipping journey by checking out the hashtag #MonroeFamilyFlip on Instagram !

{ inspiration images via Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Handcrafted in Virginia, and Pinterest }

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  • I love your inspiration for the bathroom! Can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks Jess! Me too, I can’t wait to stage it and show it off (then hopefully sell it!)

  • Ah it is coming together so good! I’ve loving seeing all your progress. Can’t wait for the finial reveal.

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks for following along Ashley! I can NOT wait to show you the finished product!

  • Oh wow, it looks like it’s going to be fantastic! I can’t wait to see the final result!

    • cassandramonroe

      It’s all coming together! Thanks for reading and following along, Maru!

  • Sophia Steenkamp

    I love subway tiles in a bathroom!