Preserving memories through the lens

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know that I’m deeply passionate about the art and process of photography. Whether I’m planning out locations for upcoming sessions, designing mood boards for inspiration or even occasionally photographing my local surroundings or latest meals, a lot of thought and care goes into the images I photograph.

As a lover of photography, I also believe that it’s extremely important to support others in the industry and build a community of professional relationships.

So when the folks at Minted told me about their first, photography only competition- appropriately named “Through the Lens”- I knew I wanted to know more about it. This particular competition is the second largest Minted has ever held, with almost 5,000 submissions, 248 total artists and 459 new pieces. These prints are exclusive to Minted and are a great representation of the talented artists across the nation who serve as an inspiration to other photographers like myself.

I wanted the share some of the prints from the Through the Lens photography challenge that I really enjoyed viewing:

Minted Through the Lens Prints

The Iron Lady // Santorini // Gossamer Grid // Musings of Synchronicity // Above the SeaSee more ‘Through the Lens’ prints

I also picked a couple of the prints featured in the challenge to add some vibrance to my workspace.

Minted Through the Lens Prints desk

I loved the brilliant color of these peonies and the way they contrasted with their background in “Titania” by Kristen Muntean. Here’s what Kristen had to say about this print (from Minted) :

“These coral-petaled peonies are some of my favorite photography subjects. Nothing about them is understated: their majestic size, lush pinks, and bold personality give them a regal air. Like the fairy queen Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, these flowers are too incredible to belong to the everyday world. I’ve attempted to capture a little bit of their magic in this photograph.”

I also appreciated the stillness of this portrait of a horse, named “All is Quiet” by Jenni Kupelian. Wanting to know the inspiration behind the print, I spoke with Jenni on the background of this photograph. She shared her thoughts on the serenity of the image, despite the harsh conditions.

“I was traveling through Iceland when I took this photograph. At the time, we were battling 70mph winds (winter in Iceland is an adventure!) trying to see a bit of the terrain before we had to get on the plane to go home. This sweet pony lived on the property where we were staying and I was struck by how calm and serene he was, despite the storm raging all around him. I had to steady myself in the wind before pushing down the shutter…it’s a wonderful memory I will carry with me always. I feel at peace when I look at this photograph and am reminded to slow down…to enjoy simple things.”

That’s the beautiful thing about photography- you’re capturing a moment in your lifetime that was deemed memorable or what you feel is beautiful in this world.

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What type of photography moves you? What are your favorite subjects or moments to photograph?

This post has been sponsored by Minted. The two prints pictured on my desk are courtesy of Minted- as always, all opinions are my own.

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