JORD wood watch review + giveaway

Some of you may know that I am a full-time food stylist assistant. Although I balance other duties as an assistant (like recipe testing, assisting in the kitchen and on set by prepping food for the stylists, as well as managing an inventory of our in-house prop studio,) my primary function is to shop for the ingredients needed to make the food being photographed for our clients.

A typical day for me includes driving around my city, shopping for the best and prettiest fresh produce items that will make our food styling and imagery stand out. There are some days that require extra running around, especially if the ingredient is hard to find- these trips require me to head to international markets and speciality food stores to find these ingredients.

Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 002
Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 003

I recently decided to spend more time being present and lower my time on social media. In an effort to be more present, I’ve been trying to leave my phone in my car while I’m shopping for work. Depending on the ingredients I’m shopping for, I could easily spend my whole work day running around the city. It’s very important for me to keep track of my timing, especially if I have several stores to visit throughout the morning or afternoon and if I have delivery deadlines to meet.

The lovely team at JORD Wood Watches sent me this lovely Fieldcrest ‘Maple’ watch, and I’ve been testing it out during my shopping trips while at work. It’s been the perfect solution to help me stay on track with my deadlines of rushing back to work to deliver the groceries so our food stylists can get the food on set as soon as possible.

Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 005

I chose the Fieldcrest ‘Maple’ JORD Wood Watch because I wanted a lighter option for my spring to summer wardrobe. I love the detailing in the grain of the wood, as well as the wooden texture.

What I appreciate about my JORD Wood Watch is how light the watch feels on my wrist. While I’m shopping for work, I’m already juggling so many things in my hands (grocery lists, picking out the best ingredients and bagging them, etc.)  I love wearing my watch because I’m able to quickly glance down at my wrist while juggling everything- which is SO much easier than digging my phone out of my purse ever was.

Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 001
Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 007

Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 008
Jord Wood Watch Fieldcrest Maple 006

JORD is focused on creating the perfect timepieces that match a modern yet naturally sustainable lifestyle. JORD is run by artists, designers, marketers and minders who craft these beautiful, wooden watches for people who realize that moments are bigger than minutes, and that their watch should tell more than just time.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing my JORD watch both while I’m at work and during my off time. I’d love for you to enjoy wearing your own JORD Woodwatch too! I’m giving away a chance to win $100 off a watch of your choice. Just by signing up, you still get a $25 off discount code!

Enter the contest by filling out your name, email address and preferred watch here. Giveaway ends April 23rd, 2017 (and the discount code expires June 30th, 2017.)

Thank you so much to the team at JORD for sending me a watch to review and wear. This post is sponsored, but all views and opinions are my own. 

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