How to style your book collection

Raise your hand if you’ve got a collection of books around your home! Of course you do. Chances are you might have your books perfectly styled (this is me after an apartment cleaning session.)  Or, chances are, your books might be all over the place (I’m right with you too!)

Well, if you’re in the latter category, you might wonder where and how to display your great reads. I know that real life happens and things get disorganized all the time- that’s why I’m sharing this guide with your. I’ll show how I style my book collection around parts of my apartment (usually after a major cleaning session or before guests come over) and I’ll show you some inspiration from around the web. Let’s start with the living room:

There are SO many options for displaying and organizing your book collection in your living room. Think stacked on a coffee table paired with flowers or candles; stacked under a lamp on your side table; mixed with cocktails and glassware in your bar cart; or simply styled on a bookshelf. Seriously, there are so many options.


{ Images via The Everygirl & Stylecaster }

If you’ve got your office area in your living room, try displaying your books on a picture frame shelf- so instead of frames, think books.


{ Images via Apartments Therapy & Darling Magazine }

I encourage you to play around your living room and think of different places you could stack or style your books.

Moving on to the kitchen! Depending on the size of your apartment or house, you either have a large, spacious kitchen, or a REALLY small kitch like me (thanks, NYC!) I’m forever dreaming of my perfect kitchen but for now, I keep my cookbooks stacked conveniently on top of the refrigerator. If you’ve got more space though, you have a few more options:

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Stacking or organizing your cookbooks on your countertop (space allowing) or under some kitchen tools are a great way to have your favorite recipes ready-to-go as soon as you need them- just make sure you keep them away from high traffic areas or away from your stove so you avoid hitting your books with grease spills.

If you’ve got a sizable pantry, cabinets or some extra space on shelves or in an island, use that too! I like styling my books with the function that they go with- for example, pairing books with kitchen tools, near a coffee maker or around some jars of flour or sugar are ideas that come to mind.


{ images via Yvestown & Golden Boys and Me }

Now, let’s talk about the bedroom. I like to keep a stack of books near my bed because it helps me remember one of my goals for 2015 (no screens before bed-only books:)

How to Style your Book Collection_blog 2

How to Style your Book Collection_blog 1

But there are a few other ways to style your books in the bedroom. Try stacking or organizing them in a bookshelf or wall shelf, behind your bed (this all depends on what type of headboard you have) or in your vanity. Like I spoke about before, mix your books with some items- for example, drape a necklace on top of your stacks, or pair your books with a candle, trinket boxes or picture frames.


{ images via StyleCaster  }

Other tips… Play around with the color scheme of your books- stack warm or cool colored books together, or stick with an all black and white scheme. Also, be sure to wipe down the area where you keep your books once a week so that dust doesn’t collect on or around the books.

Remember that this is just a guide on how to style your book collection- the way you style your books all depends on your own personal style, functionality (which books you use more often, like cookbooks.)  I know realistically we may not all have that perfect, Pinterest-worthy home, or you may have children, so styling your books of the coffee table may be out of the question, but there are ways of styling your books no matter what your current living situation is. I hope that this how-to will inspire you to organize or style your book collection!

How do you style your books at home? Are they in a variety of rooms or all in one area?

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  • I am constantly changing up my bookcases! I am always on the hunt for new things to add, and it takes me forever to get a shelf the way I like it! These are all great inspiration pics!


    • cassandramonroe

      Sometimes a good cleaning or rearranging can totally change up the look of your home and can make you feel great! I think adding new display items like you mentioned is a great way to jazz up your space! Thanks for reading, Nikki!