#MonroeFamilyFlip: Kitchen Remodel Update

A lot has changed since my last #MonroeFamilyFlip update (if you didn’t know already, my brother and I recently inherited a home, so we’re flipping it to sell,) and in a good way! The hard work we’ve invested in the home is finally paying off and we’re starting to see changes. On my first update, I told you about ways to update your home’s curb appeal and how we updated ours. In this post, I wanted to share with your the progress of the kitchen. Besides the bathroom, I think the kitchen will be my favorite transformation. Here’s what it looked like before (ALL photos were taken with cell phone camera) :


Super gnarly wallpaper, a dated brown and orange color palette, and the feeling that this kitchen could be transformed into something more modern and light.  (The dark spots on the wall are dampened wallpaper remover.)

Here’s the latest photo of the transformation process:


Looks great so far! This is actually after the walls were replastered, primed and painted with one coat of grey- I’ll get to that process later though. (Left picture was taken during the day and the right was taken during the night.)

So let’s talk about how to remove stubborn wallpaper. Before we could do anything major, we had to prep the canvas. First, we took out the brown wall paneling from the kitchen walls, revealing the orange-painted wall underneath. Next, we needed to tackle the wallpaper. So, armed with sprayable wallpaper solution, metal scrapers and a nice bottle of red wine, we braced ourselves for battle against these outdated walls. Here’s how we removed the wall paper:


You’ll need:

one wallpaper scorer

wallpaper removing solution

a few metal scrapers depending on how many people are helping you


How to remove stubborn wallpaper:

  1. Use a circular paper cutting tool to prep the wallpaper for removal. This tool is definitely mandatory for age-old wall paper, but if your wall paper is newer, you may not need it. Start by scoring your walls in a circular motion, ensuring that the wallpaper is cut.
  2. Spray a section of the wallpaper with wallpaper removing solution (I used this kind.) You want to spray and work with medium sized patches- this is more manageable- and you really want to dampen the area really well. Depending on how tough your wallpaper is, you’ll have to let the solution sit for five to ten minutes- we let ours sit for ten.
  3. Before you start scraping, make sure you have your next area already prepped and dampened. That way, while you’re spending time scraping, your next area will already be damp with solution and ready to scrape- this will make the process go faster.
  4. Next, take your scraper tool and begin scraping off the wallpaper. This is very tedious, your hands and arms will get tired and you will feel like you’re forever scraping your life away. This is where the wine comes in.
  5. After a half hour, step back and look at your progress! We did, and just removing this wallpaper made the kitchen look bigger already. Now continue.
  6. Once your walls are fully stripped of wallpaper, you’ll need to prepare to wash them next prior to priming and painting.

Here are some photos of the walls post-wallpaper removal. Looks a lot bigger already, doesn’t it?

How to remove stubborn wallpaper

Now here’s a preview of what’s next…

whats to come

We’ll be continuing the #MonroeFamilyFlip journey by refinishing the cabinets and completely gutting and transforming the bathroom. I’ll be discussing how we washed and prepped the walls for priming and painting, how we refinished our cabinets, and a ton of photos of the bathroom renovation- so stay tuned!

Remember to follow the hashtag #MonroeFamilyFlip on Instagram for flipping updates.

Do you prefer wallpaper or painted walls? What’s your experience with removing or putting up wallpaper?

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  • I am always so intrigued with house flipping—hence why HGTV is always on in my home.. 🙂 It’s a lot of work but I’m sure so rewarding! I always hear removing wallpaper is a pain. Luckily I’ve never had to do it yet, but this is super helpful if I do! I’ll have to share this with some of my friends, too.

    • cassandramonroe

      Yes, same here- HGTV is always on! It is a lot of work and I think now we’re finally starting to see progress. Just wait until you see the bathroom renovation! Thanks for reading, Brooke!

  • I’m seriously so into this monroe family flip! You’re like my own personal HGTV show and I’m very okay with it.

    • cassandramonroe

      Thanks lady!!

  • Ah how exciting it is like a real life TV show! Following your blog so I can stay tuned!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC