My Hidden Talent


Another month, another linkup! This month, the girls at The B Bar / The Well  asked us to share our hidden talents.

To be honest, I don’t really think my talents are hidden because I’m always pretty vocal about what I’m up to!

I have a fond childhood memory where my father asked me what I wanted to be when I grew u-  I said “an artist” as I was drawing a landscape sketch in my notebook. Although I’m not a ‘pencil to paper’ artist, I think my love for being creative has benefited my blog and photography business. (Although, I do have to say whenever I do sketch or paint, it comes really naturally.)

Coffee Shop Photoshoot 7image via Everlasting Love Photography

I’m very good at networking, connecting and sharing helpful information that others might find useful. I feel that I do have “the eye” needed for photography or design, and I am so thankful for that- I’m a very visual person and I love seeing how colors pair together with an overall design.

Being able to visualize a design plan was a huge plus while working on the home I’m flipping (#MonroeFamilyFlip)  Also, networking and connecting with other creatives has been a great way of growing my blog and personal growth- I’ve made a couple of great friendships too!

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As far as a hidden talent. I’ve been told by multiple I’m a really good singer but I’m way too embarrassed of myself to actually prove that (let’s just say I was belting out tunes when I thought I was alone in the ‘flip’ house- but turns out my mom was behind me the whole time… Her response was ‘Damn, I should have made you sing more as a kid- we could be millionaires by now!” I tried out for one solo in front of my high school choir class and that was the most courage I could ever muster to sing in front of someone!

What are your hidden talents and how do you leverage them? 

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