Gift Guide for the Golden Girl

Gold Gift Guide

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty great- spent the afternoon and evening with close friends and my boyfriend and eating SO much food. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is the excuse to go into total food-coma mode. After a nap, I woke up in the middle of the night having a staring contest with the leftovers- I thought to myself, ‘my body is saying no, but my mind is saying yes!’ Typical.

I know a lot of people’s tradition is to go Black Friday shopping- mine is not. I prefer to stay home, decked in pajamas while totally vegging out. However, I do browse the internet for good sales online, all from the comfort of my home.

I’ve rounded up some gold-guilded goodies for you. Hopefully these gifts will give you some ideas! I love gold (I mean really, who doesn’t) and I would be perfectly happy if any of these products made an appearance in my stockings.

I usually use an image mapping tool so you can just click parts of the image to get to which product you want to see. However, the  tool’s website is acting a little wonky, so I’ll just list each item here instead.

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have any after Thanksgiving holiday shopping traditions?
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  • I want both of those Essie polishes…and that watch…okay, just one of each 😉

    • cassandramonroe

      I hear what you’re saying and I’m agreeing!! One of each please!