Glitter Mason Jars

These glitter mason jars are a perfect way to spruce up any office space or add glitz to your wedding favors.

I have been making these little gems the last couple of nights outside of my room (remember, I’m currently deployed overseas… I have the cutest little ‘DIY’ set up going on outside my room, it’s definitely a conversation starter) and people are always stopping by, commenting on how cute these are!

My favorite thing about this glitter mason jar project is well, let’s be honest, they combine three of my favorite things (1. Mason Jars, 2. Glitter, and 3. Black and Gold) AND they’re so easy to make. These glitter mason jars are a sure way to spruce up your office by using them as a pen holder or making your makeup station look more chic. These would look great as votive holders at your wedding or would make great gifts stuffed full of treats for your friends and family. Seriously guys, the possibilities are endless.

These glitter mason jars are a perfect way to spruce up any office space or add glitz to your wedding favors.

Glitter Mason Jars

Before you begin, you’ll need:

Glitter Mason Jars | What you'll need


Mason Jars (Found at your local Walmart, Joann’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The BEST thing about this DIY project is that it’s totally customizable. Use any containers you want! Besides mason jars, I also used some old drinking glasses I never use.)

Mod Podge (Also found at the places stated above. Make sure you get the Satin or Gloss kind… if you get the kind made for paper, it will give your end result a yellowish tinge.)

Glitter (Again, these glitter mason jars are totally customizable… use any color you want)

Paper Plates and something to stir with

Ribbons (totally optional. I felt a ribbon bow added something extra.)


Step One: Pour about a half-inch to an inch worth of Mod Podge into the bottom of your mason jar.  (If you have a smaller or bigger  jar or glass, you’ll want to adjust how much you put in by a smidge.)

Glitter Mason Jars

Step Two: Pour in your glitter. More glitter for more sparkle or less for a subtle shine, it really depends on what you like.

Glitter Mason Jars

Step Three: Stir up the mod podge and glitter evenly.

Glitter Mason Jars

Step Four: Tilt your jar and let the glitter mixture coat the inside. When tilting, make sure none of the mixture falls out. You’ll want to rotate your jar to ensure that you’re covering the inside of the whole jar, from the bottom to the edge of the opening. Don’t try doing this with your stirring device, it might leave a streak which will show when the mixture dries. If you have a LOT of leftover mixture, pour it into your other jars.

If you know you’re going to be making multiple glitter mason jars, go ahead and pour mod podge and glitter (you’ll have to estimate how much to use depending on how many jars you have) in a disposable bowl and pour into each jar.

Glitter Mason Jars

Step Five: Once the whole inside of the jar is covered, turn it upside down on top of the paper plate and leave it like this for one hour. (As you can tell, I had some extra glitter mixture, so it’s normal for it to pour out like this.)

Glitter Mason Jars

Step Six: After one hour, turn the jar right side up and let sit for 24-48 hours (I KNOW I could barely wait myself, trust me… I was very impatient and wanted to get these in my office asap. But, patience yields the best results, so tough it out and make some more or try these delicious cupcakes.)

Step Seven: After you’ve let the jars dry, touch the bottom to make sure the glitter mixture has settled. If so, your jars are ready to use! (If not, let them set some more and check back every few hours.) Because these have glue in them, THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR DRINKING OR EATING FROM. These are for decoration/storage use only.

Glitter Mason Jars

Yes. These are just as perfect as they sound! Go ahead and add some candle tea lights to them too 🙂

Glitter Mason Jars

{Q} What color/ribbon combination will you be using for these? {Q} Where/how will you be using these?

project inspired by: Lilyshop | photos by me.

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  • Kathy Jacobs

    These would be the best idea for a winter wedding with the above colors or silver glitter.

    • cassandramonroe

      Yes! Absolutely. Possibly with some white ribbons too? There are so many possibilities 🙂

  • this is fabulous!! Please check out my blog I think you’d like it! Hope you’ll follow on bloglovin!

  • Omg, SO cute!!!! I love this idea! I’ll definitely have to try it!

    xo Megan,

    • cassandramonroe

      right?! haha I want to make more already!!

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  • meghan

    ok so im 13 and this is a perfect idea for a gift or even a rainy day activity love your Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cassandramonroe

      Thank you! Yes this is a great activity… invite your girlfriends over and make a party of it!

  • Sarah

    Hi! I loved this so I decided to give it a try and they are currently drying!!! Buttt, I don’t think I put enough glitter ;/ any idea on how I can fx that before they completely dry?!

    • cassandramonroe

      Hi Sarah! I’m so happy that you tried this out! It is hard to tell what they will look like before they dry, since it’s still mixed with the white mod podge. You could do one of two things:
      1.) Add a bit more mod podge to the bottom and add more glitter and re coat the jars.
      2.) Wait until they dry off to see how they look. They might just look okay and won’t need extra glitter. But just in case, after they dry you can re-try the process.

      I hope these come out well for you!! Keep me updated and let me know how they turn out! 🙂

      • Hayley

        I just made these, currently waiting for them to dry! They look great so far, can’t wait to use them. Thanks for the tutorial : )

        • cassandramonroe

          Awesome!! And no problem, I know they’ll turn out great! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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  • Tizzy

    I used mine for lip glosses and chopsticks, I think they’re really cute! Thanks for showing us this is a very cool diy.

    • cassandramonroe

      Thank you for taking the time to check it out!!

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  • Kristina

    After seeing this I decided to give it a go for my wedding! Using baby food jars and I’m coating them in gold glitter, the bigger size and putting plum colored ribbon on them! So pretty!

  • Kayla

    Hi I was just wondering if you had any problems with the glitter falling off when stuff was put in them or after you touched them? I’m doing these for my wedding and the one I made previously lost all its glitter when touched. Do you have any ideas how to help fix it? Thanks

    • cassandramonroe

      Hi Kayla!! Thanks for commenting. Did you put the glitter on the inside? I recommend getting a sealer to set the glitter- you can them at any craft store or home improvement. Look for a clear coated spray (think Krylon “Make it Last” clear sealer or Rust-Oleum Matte Clear all purpose spray paint.) I hope this helps!! Let me know how it turned out! 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Doing pink and purple for my daughter’s princess birthday party and then will use in her room! And I’ll make some silver and teal for my office while I’m at it 🙂

  • Elizabeth Heck

    I just did this, step by step. After the one hour I checked on them and all the glitter and glue was off the sides, it was like I was starting over again with a clear jar. What did I wrong? I used mod podge

    • Trisha

      I’m having the same issue but I live in a high humidity area. I’m trying to dry one in the fridge overnight to see if that helps

  • Vicky B

    Lol, do it with clear ornaments and you’ll be hooked! Multiple colors look beautiful but the dark colors don’t show up as well in the darker corners of the Christmas tree. Glitter and glue and containers! What else can a girl want except something to put in it?