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Summer, you’ve been great and all, but I’m ready to see other seasons. If you’ve seen any of my Snapchats or Instagrams this last weekend, you can tell I’m over the heat! When I’m over the heat, that means I’m usually over my hair too. Normally I do straighten my hair but because this heat has been insane, my hair never has a chance. More often than not, I prefer to keep my hair naturally curly because it does a lot better in the heat.

So when Eva•NYC asked me to try out some of their products this summer, I was down- I love trying new brands and products, especially if that means I can add new products to my lineup.

When I am able to straighten my hair, I’ve been using the Freshen Up Dry Shampoo (which is on sale!!) on day two of my hair- it does exactly that, freshens my roots with a light, floral powder. When my straightened hair needs a little more smoothness, I add the Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner (also on sale!) to the mix.

Eva NYC products

As far as wearing my natural curls in the heat, the less hair I have in my face, the better! My go-to style in the summer is so easy, I feel guilty even calling it a hair style. It’s so basic- but this is truly how I wear my hair. ALL the TIME.

I’ve always done this twisty thing with the front part of my hair and then leave the rest of my hair down. I like this style because it’s effortless, holds up well in the heat and keeps my fly-aways at bay. This style could be transferred to straight hair but you might need hairspray and extra bobby pins to lock the style in. For curly/thick-haired girls, this style works great!

Eva NYC products

• After conditioning my hair with the Therapy Session Hair Mask during my shower, I scrunched my hair with a soft towel to get excess water out of my hair.
• I then scrunched my hair with the Rock-a-Wave Curl Cream and began blow drying my hair with the finger diffuser. (I like the finger diffuser because it dries each individual curl without causing blow-dry frizz.)
• After the first round of drying (my hair takes forever to dry) I sprayed the Speed It Up Blow Dry Spray all over my strands (this smells amazing by the way- I also spray it after I straighten my hair just because it smells that amazing!)
• I blow-dry some more until most of my hair is dried.
• I then take one or two strands on one side of my head and twist them back, pinning them down with a few bobby pins, then I’m ready to go!

I also like this style because if I start getting annoyed with my thick hair in the summer heat hot then I can easily put my hair in a low bun with the twists.

Overall, my favorite products were the dry shampoo and conditioner, the blow dry spray and the hair mask. Also, I seriously can not get over the design of their styling tools- like my galaxy hair dryer. You can find Eva•NYC products at their website, or at Ulta, Free People, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

What are your “beat the heat” go-to hair styles?

Products in this post are courtesy of Eva•NYC – all opinions are my own. 

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