5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Photos


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We’ve all been there, looking through someone else’s Instagram, wondering HOW they managed to take such a great photo with just  their phone camera. I used to be that girl too! But after a few trial and errors, I finally figured out my style for taking great Instagram photos. Here are my 5 ways to improve your Instagram photos:


1. | Find good lighting. If you’re in your home, set up your shots near a large window to get nice, even lighting. If you’re outside in harsh lighting, find some coverage under a tree, building or umbrella. Night time? Flash is okay if the photo comes out with nice and even lighting, but steer clear if the flash over exposes your subject.


2. | Take the time to set up your photos. For me personally, I like taking overhead shots of whatever is going on in my life at the time, whether it be a relaxing morning breakfast, a fun dinner party, or a view from where I’m standing.

*Tip: consider your background. I usually like to use a white foam/poster board to achieve a white background. Consider using patterned materials to help set up your shot, such as a patterned kitchen towel to show off your latest meal or a bouquet of flowers held up in front of fun wallpaper, a cool mural or a plain brick wall.


3. | Tell a story. The best way to connect with our readers is to fill them in with what’s going on in your life. Maybe you’re taking on a home renovation project, training for your first marathon , or just found out you’re expecting. Take your readers along for the journey! I love connecting with some of my favorite bloggers and I love finding that they’re going through the same experiences I am sometimes.


4. | Use proper editing programs. To achieve the look I want for my photos, I will either upload the photo from my actual DSLR, already edited from Adobe Photoshop CS6, but that is usually when I’m promoting a recent blog post. When using my iPhone 5s, I either edit it with VSCO CAM, or with Instagram’s editing system, NOT the filters. I like my photos to have a nice, clean look so I try to achieve my look straight from the camera to ensure minimal editing. I also like using Whitagram to add clean, even white borders to my photos.


5. | Make your image pop. Out and about on the beach and spot a giant, pink beach ball floating on top of bright, cerulean blue ocean water? Capture it. Walking to get your morning coffee and spot a shop with flowers on display against a white brick wall? Capture it. Color and inspiration is all around us, just keep an eye out around you to capture a picture-perfect Instagram shot.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a while to find your Instagram style or improve your photos. For me, it took a lot of trial and error, but I finally evolved into the style that I wanted to reflect through my Instagram.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Instagram feeds: Alaina Kaz, Convey the Moment, Notes_From_Monroe, RachParcell, Upperlyneco and JuliaHengel.

What style do you prefer when it comes down to Instagram photos? Do you have any other tips I missed?

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