“30 Things to do Before I Turn 30” Bucket List

I have been single for the last two years, and I’ve been incredibly thankful for this journey. While it honestly felt uncomfortable at first, I’ve really come to enjoy and take solace in my own company. The last six months, I’ve been really honing in on the joys of singleness and how this time of my life is necessary for me to experience personal growth.

While I’m someone who naturally loves companionship and is ultimately seeking to eventually be in a relationship again, I’m really appreciating the time I’m taking to get to know myself. I’m learning to spend time doing activities I find enjoyable, while exploring new ones (while saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ more when I actually feel like it.) I’m opening myself up to more friendships, positive relationships and more daily interactions.

While I do occasionally find time to date, I’m learning more about identifying positive and negative character traits in others, and I’m learning how to not take things personally (which has probably been the hardest aspect of self development that I’ve been dealing with.)

Taking the time to learn how to be present and practicing self-reflection and meditation techniques have been beneficial and healthy experiences in my journey of ‘singleness.’ One night, I was working on some self-reflection journal exercises in my bullet journal. I came across the idea of creating a personal bucket list for myself. Since I’m currently 28 and have been thinking about my future (and how I’m approaching my 30’s) creating a ’30 Things to do Before I Turn 30′ bucket list seemed appropriate.

I’ve separated the list into six categories, all of which are aspects of my life that I’m passionate about. Some of my goals (like kayaking, camping and fishing) have been done before earlier in my life, but I wanted to add them to my list because they’re things I’d like to do again as an adult and while I’m living here in Des Moines.

I’m really excited to complete these goals within the next two years. I believe that this bucket list will add great experiences and memories to my personal growth- so I can’t wait to continuously update this list as I complete each item.

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I’ve always enjoyed adventurous activities, but always had the military to supply those experiences for me. Now that I’m no longer serving in the military, I’ve added these adventurous (both thrilling and nature-centered/calm) to my list.

  1. go skydiving  – Completed! This was an insanely awesome experience and I plan to write about it.
  2. go camping
  3. visit Tulum, Mexico
  4. fly in a hot air balloon
  5. spend the day fishing/catch a fish

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Fitness has been a huge part of my journey. I enjoy a mix of cardio, weight training and being out in nature, so this list accurately reflects my fitness goals. While I’m also on a journey of self love and acceptance, it is a goal of mine to reach my goal weight (which I have two years to do, so it’s not that much of a drastic goal since I only have 25 more pounds to go!)

  1. run a 5k / 10k / half marathon
  2. deadlift current weight
  3. hike a long trail
  4. go kayaking – I’ve kayaked before, but wanted to do it again here in Des Moines (it’s such a great workout- I’ve decided to add kayaking to my routine summer activities list.) This photo is from my first time kayaking at Grey’s Lake, downtown Des Moines.
  5. reach goal weight (150 lbs)

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Constantly continuing my education and improving my skills has been a definite ongoing goal of mine. I think these goals are a good mix of attainable (something I can do everyday, like spending 20 minutes a night reading one of the 50 books or practicing French on Duolingo) and ongoing throughout my two year time frame (like on-the-job studio photography training at my full time job or taking a sommelier class.)

  1. read 50 books
  2. take wheel pottery class at Des Moines Art Center
  3. take a sommelier class
  4. improve studio/film photography skills
  5. be conversationally proficient in the french language

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Now, I’ve done many of these before, but again, I have a fresh perspective on life in a new city with new friends and would love to live these experiences again. I love hosting and cooking for other people, and would love to share experiences like that with people I’ve met so far.

  1. visit/try 20 new restaurants in Des Moines
  2. host a dinner party
  3. cook for someone else
  4. master grilling meat (for taste & for food styling)
  5. recipe develop, bake and style a three layer cake


30 before 30 bucket list_cassandra monroe
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Although I’ve been published in print before, it is part of my professional goal to be published again. I’m currently working on my first print series featuring skies and cloud formations (to follow along, check out my separate Instagram account for my print series, called @blueserenity_ .)

  1. be published in print (writing or photography)
  2. freelance for a food-related publication
  3. release two print series
  4. add 20+ food styling images to portfolio
  5. build up interiors, food and travel/lifestyle photography portfolio

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As stated before, I’ve come a long way in my life when it comes to personal growth, so these are goals that are centered around things that would make me personally happy to complete (or to work on daily.)

  1. publish military photography book
  2. slowly integrate minimalism aspects into my life
  3. volunteer at an animal shelter
  4. begin layout for my book (!!!)
  5. practice meditation, self love and care and self acceptance regularly

Do you have a bucket list you’re currently working on? Are you thinking of starting your own bucket list? Tell me about it below!

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  • I always love reading what is on other people’s bucket lists. I published a 101 things in 1001 days list earlier this year (http://luvinthebubble.com/101-things-in-1001-days/). You have a great mix of items on your list…and some are very similar to mine!

    • If I lived near you, I would totally go on a hot air balloon ride with you! I love the mix of categories you have in your bucket list and I love how yours ranges from smaller items that could easily be included in your daily life, plus some bigger ones too. thanks for checking mine out! I’m excited to see us complete each item off our list! 🙂