Strawberry Pecan Crisp 001
Strawberry Pecan Crisp

One of my favorite things about spring is the growing list of fresh produce available at local markets and grocery stores. During my latest trip to the market, I spied two pounds worth of strawberries for only $3.50- naturally, I grabbed a couple packages because obviously the price was amazing and the options are endless when you’ve got a bunch of

Des Moines Botanical Garden Center
Letting Go and Living

The Greater Des Moines Botanical Center has been on my list to visit here in Des Moines for a while, so last week I spent an afternoon there, seeking personal time to myself and away from distractions so I could reflect on and evaluate some personal goals I’ve recently set for myself. Since I’ve settled down a bit, I’m so

cinnamon rolls and coffee
Orange Zest Cinnamon Rolls

Whatever your situation is in life- whether you’re working full time, you just had a baby, or you’re hustling around the clock to get your business up and running-  we can agree that weekends are a mandatory requirement to resetting your mind, body and soul. Weekends were made for decompressing, de-stressing and for giving yourself the break you deserve. Weekends are