Home Inspiration: Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

[ images via Houzz and Architecture Daily ]

During a recent trip to Iowa, I stopped by Dwell Home Furnishings and Interior Design (located in Iowa City) to get my mind flowing with inspiration for both the house I’m currently flipping and future flips (Jay and I are looking at buying a house this summer and you know I’ll be renovating it a bit!) What I love about Dwell is the mix of rich colors presented in each space, the variety of patterns and textures showcased in the home furnishings and the ability to incorporate different trends in each part of the studio, leaving you basking in inspiration.

One trend I noticed that appeared repeatedly was industrial chic- specifically, industrial lighting. Here are a few examples of the lighting I saw: (images via Dwell’s Facebook)

Industrial Lighting3


What I love about this trend is it’s versatility- industrial lighting can be added to most designs and still compliment the overall look. For example, if you’re going for a rustic, country feel, the right statement light with industrial elements will compliment the design.

I can’t wait to add this trend to my future home- I think some gorgeous glass pendant lighting hung above a kitchen island would be perfect. Here are some examples of my favorite industrial lights:

Industrial Lighting new

1. Glass Pendant | 2. One Light Pendant | 3. Hudson Pendant | 4. Paxton Pendant | 5. Hollywood Studio Spotlight Lamp | 6. Hanging Spotlight | 7. Milk Glass Pendant |  8. Work Lamp

Are you loving this industrial-chic trend? What is a trend you’re hoping to incorporate into your future home?

The Kitchn Cookbook review ( + One Bowl Birthday Butter Cake recipe )

The Kitchn Cookbook book review ( + Yellow Cake recipe )

Hey guys! I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after finishing a couple week’s worth of house flipping duties over in Iowa. I’m back in New York now and back to my usual cooking, baking AND blogging routine, and it feels great! I’ve actually been sitting on this idea for a book review for a while, so here it is finally in form! I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this book and have used it several times in my own kitchen. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on it especially if you’ve been thinking about buying it! I hope you enjoy my review on The Kitchn Cookbook: Recipes, Kitchens & Tips To Inspire Your Cooking.

A few details: The Kitchn Cookbook • by Sara Kate Gillingham & Faith Durand, with photography by Leela Cyd • published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers • hardcover • 304 pages • Available for purchase here (other places listed as well in link.)

At First Glance: The book itself is very large, and images immediately pop out as your flip through it.

Chapters: There are seven chapters to this book, all of the recipes being held in the sixth chapter. The first five chapters are all about the kitchen itself and cooking techniques. Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite elements of the book, and what I feel makes it so unique- most cookbooks I have at home don’t share as much basic kitchen knowledge and tips as this book does. The first chapter of The Kitchn Cookbook alone gives you a guide to setting up your kitchen for individual success, simple storage solutions, improving your challenging kitchen quirks, plus so much more (including some Pinterest-worthy kitchen tours.)

If you ever find yourself wondering what cookware and kitchen supplies are best, chapter two is for you. Seriously needing to deep-clean your kitchen? Chapter three is chock-full of organizing and cleaning tips- complete with homemade cleaning solution recipes and a handy daily cleaning plan for each day of the month.

Chapters four and five are all about getting tuned in to your inner chef, even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen. Chapter four discusses stocking your pantry for success, including a nice list of essential items for all areas of your kitchen, and meal planning- a simple guide to help you cook more often. Next up- chapter five. I really think this is one of the most helpful chapters (besides the recipes of course) because it is full of mini lessons even the most experienced home cook could find helpful. These mini lessons range from preparation techniques and cooking skills to meat/poultry skills and how to whip egg whites and cream. The tips don’t stop there though, for each recipe category comes equip with a few more lessons of their own.

The Recipes: The recipes, every cookbook’s most important section, are located in chapter six of The Kitchn Cookbook. Each category is labeled by the time of day or occasion- for example, the categories go as follows: morning; small bites; drinks; main dishes and one bowl meals; etc. I found that this cookbook is really great for having variety in each recipe category. I love that there are recipes I know are classic weeknight dinners I’ll make again and again (Pasta Casserole with Broccoli and Gouda Cheese) and ones that will challenge my home-cook culinary skills and give me a taste of culture ( Middle Eastern Turkey Burger.)

My favorite part of any recipe book is browsing through the dessert section. This cookbook has some classic, fool-proof sweet recipes, ranging from easy cookies and cakes (see cake recipe below!!) to unforgettably delicious, gourmet-like desserts.

Entertaining Tips: Sometimes, the greatest joy in cooking is being able to show off your hard work during a dinner party with your closest friends and family (for me anyways!) Chapter seven of The Kitchn Cookbook is full of tips to make any gathering a piece of cake, with lessons about setting and decorating the table, setting the mood, working with different dietary needs and more. Gathering in your home surrounded by good food and great company is what makes cooking all worth it, so this chapter is a great way to introduce yourself to hosting a dinner party (if you’ve never held one before.)

Overall: I would highly recommend The Kitchn Cookbook, for people of all cooking levels for many reasons. There are a TON of helpful tips placed throughout the book that will help you gain confidence in the kitchen (if you’re a beginner) and will maintain and sharpen your skills (if you’re pretty experienced.) The recipes read easy and are simple enough that a beginner can pull off a few great meals. The images are plentiful, inspiring and just plain pretty, and there are a ton of great sidebars and graphics filled with information.

Now that you’ve read my book review, you’re probably ready to get to the cake! This One Bowl Birthday Butter Cake is right from the pages of the cookbook itself (page 250.)


The Kitchn Cookbook book review ( + Yellow Cake recipe )

This is cake is really really good. I’m talking, my new go-to recipe for my next few dinner parties good! This is a cake that all people, young or old, can truly enjoy. The yellow cake has the perfect amount of moistness and the icing is just luscious and really sweet- but the yellow cake pairs perfectly with it by offsetting the sweetness. This cake is great for big gatherings at home, but if you prefer a more mobile version, the recipe works for cupcakes too (just cut the recipe in half if you only want a sampling of cupcakes.)

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My Favorite Instagram Accounts and Why They Inspire Me


I’ve linked up with the lovely ladies behind The B Bar (as well as a ton of other bloggers) for this month’s blog linkup: who are three of your favorite Instagrammers and why? To say that I’m addicted to Instagram would be an understatement. Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet, so naturally, narrowing my favorite accounts to just three was really hard!! Here’s who made the cut:


Jenna Rae Cakes- Jenna Rae, self taught baker and cake designer, owns a bakery in Winnipeg and specializes in custom cakes. Let me put this out there right away: this Instagram account makes me want to move to Canada and eat my way through her bakery!! Her Insta-snaps give me a daily dose of inspiration, both for food photography and making beautiful sweets that look too good to eat (but surely taste amazing.)


NoemeiRowskyNoelani’s Instagram game is on point! I love seeing her daily setups of beautiful flat-lays and colorful foods, all representing effortless style. Her snaps reflects a light, airy aesthetic that makes her Instagram flow beautifully.

Paris in Four Months roundup

Paris in Four Months – Carin Olsson, photographer and blogger behind the blog Paris in Four Months, delivers inspirational images of beautiful details from her travels and the ultimate Parisian lifestyle I dream about. Her snaps create an instant getaway, making Paris my number one dream vacation spot.

If we’re not already following each other, you can find me Instagraming here! Who are your three favorite Instagrammers and why?

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Chai latte cupcakes

1_Chai Latte Cupcakes

Writer’s block- the inconvenient situation for writers and bloggers everywhere when nothing comes to mind. You can try typing out several sentences only to delete them furiously. Writer’s block is especially inconvenient if you’re working under a deadline. Thankfully, I currently am not but have in the past. But when I recently had a bout of block, my first instinct was to take a break from my mind and computer, make a cup of coffee and take a moment to enjoy it. Then I remembered that I’m trying to limit my coffee intake to only one cup a week. So instead, I opted for a cup of chai latte.

I had the realization that it had been forever since I’ve had a sip of this warm, milky, spice-infused indulgence. Sometimes you have to really just ENJOY a drink and all of its notes, whether it be coffee, chai latte or wine. As I enjoyed my cup of chai latte, I couldn’t help but think about the cupcake version of this delectable drink. I mean, how good would that be?

4_Chai Latte Cupcakes

2_Chai Latte Cupcakes

After my cup, I eased back into fighting off my writer’s block and tackled my task at hand- completing my resume. I then immediately started planning for these Chai Latte Cupcakes I was suddenly craving.

For this recipe, the cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg flavors really struck a chord with me, as did the velvety icing mixed with the moist texture of the cupcake. I sprinkled some dark chocolate shavings and drizzled some mocha chocolate syrup used for coffee, as well as dusted nutmeg, on these babies-both perfect garnishes for these bites of chai heaven.

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Whole Wheat Berry Muffins

1_Whole Wheat Muffin

Let’s talk about whole wheat and berries. So because I’m on this health kick, I’ve really been sticking true to my word of (mostly) clean eating, getting back into shape and trying to get more nutrients from fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. I’ve been trying to experiment more with recipes too by making small changes, such as switching out all purpose flour for it’s whole wheat counterpart. Baby steps!

As far as berries are concerned, I have a whole lot of them, and other fruits, both in fresh and frozen form. There are certain fruits I prefer fresh, but having a freezer full of frozen fruit is so convenient for me- not only do they not spoil within a few days, they are great for making my morning smoothies and for baking purposes, like these whole wheat berry muffins.

2_Whole Wheat Muffin

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