Gifts That Keep On Giving


by Ashley of Minck | Co

The holidays come and go a bit too quickly for my liking. During this time of year, we spend hours decking the halls and incredible amounts of money on gifts for our loved ones. Now, I absoultely love doing both of those things but sometimes I want to keep that holiday happy feeling around longer. This is the reason why I usually gravitate towards what I like to call gifts that keep on giving. These types of gifts fall into three different categories. You have subscriptions, which will keep the holiday giving coming all year round. Experience type gifts, which are gifts that require you to get up and do something. These gifts are perfect for the type of people who want to not just get something but prefer to have a gift that they can regularly use & get active enjoyment out throughout the year. And lastly, the most rewarding & personal gifts of all are the gifts that give back. These are goods with a cause. They are beautiful products that through the sale of them give back to various charities.

If you’re looking for some recommendations, here are some of my favorite gifts in each category. I personally love the idea of giving or receiving a picnic basket so that you can spend long weekend relaxing riverside with a loved ones. It’s the perfect “experience” gift to help you get out and go, all while building memories, filling your life with love, and enjoying some sweet laughter.

Experience: Picnic Basket / Bicycles / Museum or Local Amusement Membership

Holiday Decor: Dress up your pinecones

DIY pinecone decor

My favorite part of this time of year is how everyone can show off their unique taste in holiday decor. Some of my favorite types of rustic decor includes burlap textures, homemade cranberry and popcorn garland and pinecones.

Although I love the traditional look of fresh-off-the-tree pinecones, there’s nothing better than dressing them up a bit with a little paint and sparkle.

one// I love the way these pinecones from Miss Renaissance sparkle with a touch of gold added.

two// This decor tutorial by How To Decorate is a great way to combine your love of garland and pinecones.

three// Spread the ombré trend by adding some color to your pinecones in a tutorial by Whimzeecal.

four// Spice up the placeholders at your dinner table by adding a touch of minimalist color, like Camille Styles did.

What are your favorite ways to dress up traditional holiday decor favorites?

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Men

by Ashley of Minck | Co 

After reading so many gift guides for men lately, I’m starting to think we give guys a hard time when it comes to picking them out gifts! Honestly I don’t really think men are that hard to shop for. They may be a little boring to shop for but when you boil it down there are usually a bunch of go to gifts that you can get them. Just like most ladies will always love a fancy candle or anything that is packaged to perfection, guys have their go to gifts too.

I know that most guys will always appreciate a blue ray, any type of tasty treat, and throw in some grown up toys and you’re good to go! For my version of the ultimate stocking stuffer gift guide, I’ve channeled my inner dude to come up with things that our men will actually use & appreciate. They may not be as beautiful or exciting as the contents inside a ladies stocking but they will be sure to make the little kid in them come out. My person favorite is the wood slingshot because come on, most men are just little boys designed in an adults body!

#MonroeFamilyFlip: Kitchen Remodel Update

A lot has changed since my last #MonroeFamilyFlip update (if you didn’t know already, my brother and I recently inherited a home, so we’re flipping it to sell,) and in a good way! The hard work we’ve invested in the home is finally paying off and we’re starting to see changes. On my first update, I told you about ways to update your home’s curb appeal and how we updated ours. In this post, I wanted to share with your the progress of the kitchen. Besides the bathroom, I think the kitchen will be my favorite transformation. Here’s what it looked like before (ALL photos were taken with cell phone camera) :


Super gnarly wallpaper, a dated brown and orange color palette, and the feeling that this kitchen could be transformed into something more modern and light.  (The dark spots on the wall are dampened wallpaper remover.)

Here’s the latest photo of the transformation process:

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Girl’s Night In

Girls Night In

by Ashley of Minck | Co.

Welcome to December everyone! With the holidays now fully upon us, I thought it would be fun to come up with a holiday gathering that’s one part girls night in, one part get get stuff done. I’m calling it my “holiday girls night in wrapping party” and the whole concept behind it is to create a fun festive gathering for all your girlfriends where you can eat, drink, be merry, and most importantly wrap all those gifts you’ve been waiting to get under the christmas tree.

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